Getting Through Coronavirus: Are Colleges Ready for Online Learning?

Chancellor livestream Thursday at 1:00

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CalMatters’ College Journalism Network is hosting a live interview Thursday with Chancellor Tim White about how the university is responding to coronavirus. We want your questions to be answered.

This is a live video stream question and answer you can embed on your own site. From the EventBrite:

CalMatters talks to California State University Chancellor Tim White about how schools are moving online during the pandemic.

Are you a college student whose semester has been turned upside down by the pandemic? Are you a professor who is getting acclimated to teaching your students via video conference?

CalMatters College Journalism Network Editor Felicia Mello and fellow Aidan McGloin will moderate a conversation with California State University Chancellor Tim White to discuss how CSU is transitioning to online learning and address questions students, families, administrators and educators have about this new reality.


You can embed the 1:00, Thursday livestream on your own website using this embed link:

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I’ll be co-moderating. If there’s a question you’d like me to ask, send it to me at I’d love to talk with you before the discussion. You can also solicit questions from your readers using this Google form.

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Aidan McGloin

Cal State Student Wire Editor